We are reliant on a functioning musculoskeletal system, both when going about out daily and professional lives and when performing physical and sporting activities. Pain and functional limitations reduce our quality of life. The causes can be very varied and often require professional assessment and treatment. That is where we are here to help, with a wealth of experience in all orthopaedic disciplines and modern treatment concepts. Our professional motivation is to ensure that you can enjoy maximum quality of life.

Orthopaedic treatment concepts are used for people of any age.

We have patients from all age groups. Age-related, degenerative joint diseases (arthrosis) and painful malalignments, for example, of the knee or feet, are common reasons for people to contact us. Younger patients often seek an orthopaedic consultation for complaints associated with malalignment or overuse and sports-related issues.

Together with the patient, the treatment options are discussed and a conservative or surgical therapy approach is determined. In each case, the individual patient's needs are the focus of treatment.

The pelvis

The shoulder joint

The hip joint

The knee joint

The spine

The foot and ankle joint

Peripheral nerve surgery

Sport with a joint prosthesis

The best solution approaches often emerge during personal conversations. We are happy to take the time to discuss your personal concerns and develop an individual plan to enable you to achieve your goals.

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Team Orthopaedics

Minimally invasive surgery on the foot and ankle joint

Minimally invasive surgery is the new surgical standard for procedures involving the foot and the ankle joint, and has been used successfully at the crossklinik for many years. Here, you can find out all about this gentle surgical technique, which leaves almost no visible scars.