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Our work revolves around helping active people with a range of different injuries and disorders. We offer innovative treatment concepts combining orthopaedics, manual medicine, sports science and biomechanics. We treat everyone, from children to the elderly, and from recreational sporting enthusiasts to world-class athletes, all of whom benefit from our knowledge and expertise in prevention and therapy on a daily basis.

Sports medicine – By athletes for athletes

It is always a time fraught with worry when a sporting injury is sustained, and the aim is to make the correct diagnosis and initiate the most appropriate therapy as quickly as possible. These principles apply to top-class athletes and recreational sportspeople alike. The therapy we provide is influenced by the many years of experience possessed by our medical team and our therapists, as well as our knowledge of the latest treatment methods. It is not always about enabling the athlete to return to their sport as quickly as possible, but rather ensuring they are in as good a shape as possible when they do.

Elite sports, in particular, which involve maximum stress in training and competition, often take the human body to the limits of its exercise capacity. Therapy for sports-specific overuse injuries is one of our core competencies. Successful therapy always begins with a detailed analysis of the problem and its root causes. Precise knowledge of the causes of overuse damage not only serves as the basis for planning therapy but also helps to prevent injury and complaints in the future.

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The best solution approaches often emerge during personal conversations. We are happy to take the time to discuss your personal concerns and develop an individual plan to enable you to achieve your goals.

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